Wednesday, 23 August 2017

We're are the sheep?

As the Shepard inched down the steep Rocky Mountain he heated the the sheep's calls.Sitting on a rock and grass he watched his sheep scamper away.Well he thought I better get a move on.He went on down the mountain.The storm was blinding.It was freezing up there.And with that he was off.

"Oh dear"

The robbers waited anxiously by the triangular tomb in the valley of the kings.They stared at the glyphs not sure what they meant.But they new it was something to keep people out!When the coast was clear they crept into the pyramid.Then a robber twisted his ankle.As soon as the others saw the mummy's evil face they ran screaming the Egyptians thought it was hilarious!

Shipwrecked dead

The crew lay flat on the deck .Was it over ?Then one person stood up.The one survivor.Even the dog was dead .The tsunami the volcano had caused created the end for moat of the crew.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fact or fib

Fact or fib

1.The Titanic was the fastest ship ever.
The Maurentainia was then the Lunstainia.

2.the Titanic was truly the unsinkable ship
The Olimpic was(it never sunk)

3.coal is a fossil
It is the remains of fossilised trees

4.there were cats on the Titanic
There were none

5.there was an extra officer on board the Titanic 
The Olimpic's chief officer was transferred to the Titanic with Captain Smith.First Officer Murduch the original chief Offiser was sent down to First Officer and Second Officer Lightroller was actually the  First Officer.they left the Second Officer ashore.